Art House Studio was created to grant people a sense of comfort, cosiness and joy of recreation at their home.

Our goal is to improve your quality of life with functionality, aesthetics, to create ecological housing, considering everyone's capabilities and preferences.

Your home is a forthess where you draw the power, energy and inspiration for a life outside of it, and it is important that all of it was convenient especially for you. Our team works on any area of your home, is attentive to detail, to every tiny bit, because that's what makes the whole picture.

A workshop is working at the studio, where our craftsmen can create exclusive intior objects, which will become a part of your home and reflect your personality, as well as the house in general.

And if you wish to build your home ground up, we have a team of architects who will account all your wishes, and designers and decorators will finish the job.

Together we will design your home for you, in every sense of the word.

phone: +3 8(097)028-17-00
+3 8(063)702-08-28
address: Kyiv, Peremogy Ave, 43A
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